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Cost-Effective Furniture Repairs and Upholstery from Rockville, Maryland

Chairs - Upholstery Repairs
At Gary Simpson Furniture Service, we have the skills and resources to perform all manner of furniture and upholstery repairs. Our job is to provide an affordable alternative to replacing furniture by restoring your current furniture to its original condition. Full delivery and pick-up services are available upon request.

Furniture Repairs and Restorations

We repair and restore all types of furniture, new and old, large and small. Our experts will revitalize your furniture and wood items, restoring and enhancing their natural beauty and strength. This is a quick and easy way to erase scuffmarks, gouges, water rings, and dents.
We also restore and repair antiques, upholstery, leather, and hardwoods. You can count on us to fix virtually any type of damage to your furniture, including:
• Nicks
• Scratches
• Water Marks
• Pet Damages
• Cigarette Burns
• Smoke Damages
• Moving Damages

Comprehensive Services from Furniture Professionals

Maintenance Services
• Modifications
• Antique Repairs
• Custom Woodworking Services
• Chair Regluing Services
• Reproduction of Missing Components

Raising or Lowering Tables
• Removing Sections of Office Desks and Tables
• Custom Bases (to Raise Your Furniture)


Upholstery Solutions


Here you will find a wide variety of fabrics and styles to match your home decor from some of the most popular fabric companies.  Fabrics are viewable online at their websites listed below:


• Robertallen.com
• Maxwellfabrics.com
• Norbarfabrics.com
• Charlottefabrics.com



Contact us today to discuss the type of furniture you have that needs to be repaired or restored.